Greetings! My name is Irina Negrean but if you can’t quite roll your Rs yet, call me Irene!

I am a portrait photographer for women, based out of Vancouver, WA.

I am mom to a fantastically opinionated 4 year old beauty, I am known for laughing and talking A LOT. Like…A LOT.

I love love love my girlfriends, and I’m a girl’s girl through and through.

My superpower is making every day women look like drop dead gorgeous supermodels!

My philosophy is that there is no such thing as “photogenic” or “not good in pictures” – there’s only good photographers and bad photographers.

I believe it’s my job to make you look amazing, to pose you in flattering light and shoot from the best angles possible.

All women are beautiful and I’m determined to photograph all of them!



I am a natural light portrait photographer, based out Vancouver, WA and shoot local as well as destination weddings and women's portraiture. I specialize in making women look and feel absolutely beautiful. 

I aspire to heal, empower and uplift women through the power of photography. I believe every woman deserves to be happy, proud and content with who she is - just as she is!